Product pictures

Please note product image color is adjusted to match actual product as close as possible. But there might still have color differences due to the different computer display and monitor settings.

Currency & Prices

Please note prices displayed in USD, all orders will be charged in USD. No extra handling charge, packing charge, Visa charge, or PayPal charge. 


All ribbons & trims are selling by the yard. Packing will be continuous as per purchased quantity. If there is a disconnected joint, 1 extra yard will be added to the package. 

Order Processing

All orders will be shipped within 1 - 3 business days from the date of purchase. 


All product prices do not include shipping cost and taxes, shipping cost will be automatically calculated after a delivery address is provided before payment. We provide different shipping services, approx. shipping days will be shown for your reference. 

Taxes & Duties

Please note all orders do not include taxes & duties. Shipment might require taxes & duties by customs of your country. 

Stock order / Wholesale

We do not list all our available stock on our website if the stock has shown is not enough for your order, please contact us to check for available stock not listed and wholesale discounted prices.

Production order

All items can be custom made in size/color/pattern, if you would like to develop your own design, please contact us for more details and quotation. 
Please feel free tocontact us if you have any questions about ordering.